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How to Make a Pickle Rick Costume Guide

By Doccane Cosplay

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Doccane Cosplay here! I’ve had a mind-blowing amount of coverage of my Pickle Rick lately. Thanks to all who’ve shared, liked, commented. You’ve all made my time working on the costume and sweating at the con wearing it all worth it. I am asked often how I created it so here goes a detailed tutorial on how it all came together.

First off, it took about 70 hours in all, including my failures when I had to remake a part. If you want to complete this cosplay, you’ll need some basic sewing skills. I’ve only been sewing for about a year and it’s the first time I did any leggings and gloves which weren’t all that complicated. I did use the same stretch fabric over EVA foam technique I did on Mr. Meeseeks so some time was shaved since I had that mask template already.

It cost roughly $400.00 for all the supplies (not including tools). If you have shoes, a top, and bottom to use then you almost have saved $100 right there.

I think if you're one of those who have never made a costume and just want this for Halloween, you can still be the life of the party with just the pickle section and some of the details. You still need to sew together the green fabric to the body so either find a friend who sews or get yourself a sewing machine.

Tools Needed

For pickle EVA foam body

  • Exacto knife

  • Dremel

  • Zip Ties

  • Paint Brush

  • Respirator

  • Safety Goggles

  • Table Sander (Optional but makes your life so much easier)

For top, leggings, and green fabric

  • Sewing machine

  • Fabric Scissors

Supplies Needed

Green Stretch Vinyl (2 yards)

I found some great stretch vinyl by Yayahan at Joanne’s. It’s currently on clearance sale. Hope they’re not discontinuing it. You could also use a 4 -way stretch spandex.

Various Fabric

Any 4-way stretch fabric will do. It’s up to you how exact you want to match all his body parts and what colors to use, but I found this to be a great match.

  • Dark Pink Stretch Fabric (1 yard)

  • LIght Pink Stretch Fabric (1 yard)

  • Bone Off-White Stretch Fabric (1 yard)

  • Grey Rat Fur (1 yard)

  • See Through Screen Fabric (Square big enough to cover mouth)

Rat Brain

The only thing that is pre-made on the costume.

½ Inch sEVA Foam Sheets

12 sheets

Barge Cement

Super Glue

5 bottles

Colored Craft Foam

Just need a couple pieces for the pickle dimples and tongue. You can buy just a white or black square and just paint it green, but the variety pack is cheap and has all the colors.

  • Light green

  • Regular green

  • Red

1 inch Sew-on Velcro

Spray Paint or Acrylics (Rust-Oleum recommended)

  • Light Blue for eyebrow

  • Bone White for bones

  • White for eyes

  • Metallic silver for leg piece and gauntlets

  • Dark Blue for gauntlets

  • Black for gauntlets and trim on bones

Grey Plasti Dip

Foam balls (Eyes)

  • 3 Inches

  • 2 balls

PVC Pipe (Various sizes)

  • Two feet of ¾ inch pipes

  • One short section of wide 2 inch pipe.

Carpet Tape (For shoes).

Low Top Shoes

Plain and smooth so you can lay fabric over and not have to fight bumps

Black Long Sleeve Athletic Top

Anything in plain black. The more breathable the better since you sweat a lot in the costume.

Black Athletic Leggings

Anything in plain black. The more breathable the better since you sweat a lot in the costume.

Creating The Pickle

If you want the minimum pickle impact for Halloween and you don’t have crazy crafting skills then hopefully you can make at least the pickle with some of the details. You should still be the life of the party without the rat limbs and all.

Make the EVA Foam Body

First thing to do is make a pattern for the EVA foam body that is underneath the green fabric. Before you get started, you need to make sure it will fit your body. I created mine from a Mr. Meeseeks mask pattern I made previously that fit super large over my head and would wrap around my body when I added more EVA foam below it. I’m 5’10 and 170 lbs with a 32” waist. If you’re any bigger you’ll have to make your pattern a bit wider.

I found a large ball at Target for $3.00 and added some extra christmas wrap to the bottom to fill out the neck section. Next you cover it in masking tape or duct tape completely so you can draw your pattern on it before cutting it out. Draw the eyes and mouth so you know where they will go then draw lines where you will make your cuts. I’m using the widely used Evil Ted technique to make mask patterns. Check out his video for all the ins and outs of it.

How to Make a Foam Helmet by Evil Ted

Once you have the pattern all cut out, you’ll need to make a second one for the bottom of the pickle. When you have both sections cut out, it’s time to start gluing everything together.

Since we want to add a big tube middle section between the two rounded masks, you’ll want to not wrap the bottom section of the mask so it will attach flush to the tube in the middle. To figure out how long the tube section needs to be, I took a few photos of it next to me before I glued it together. You should have some reference photos to keep going back to as you create every piece. Make sure you don’t use fan art as it could be a bit different from the original.

Once you have it all sized correctly, it’s time to glue it all together. Note, I left the gaps at the bottom of the end pieces because I thought the fabric would hide it pretty well in the end. The top portion was pretty smooth, but you can see the shapes at the bottom. If I did it again I would cut those off and make sure everything is filled in and smoothed out with a dremel.